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Audi Radio Codes

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Audi radio code

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How To Get My Audi Radio Code?

Removing Your Audi Radio

  1. Audi radios must be removed from the dash to gain access to the serial number.

  2. Radio release keys is all that is required to do this, when pressed into place this will free the radio unit.

  3. Once removed, every Audi stereo has a sticker-label with serial numbers printed on.

Audi Radio Removal With Keys

Finding Your Serial Number

All Audi radio serial numbers are 14 digits & letters, for example AUZ1Z1F6412082. Please see image as reference.

Take note of the serial number & enter it into our easy to use form along with your email address.

Our helpful radio code specialist will send your decode to your email inbox within minutes.

Audi Radio Sticker Location
22,774 Reviews & Counting...
22,774 Reviews & Counting...
Manufacturer: Audi 4.95
Based on 948 reviews.
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Perfect. Help with Ford mondeo mk4 2014 year audio security code.
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 06 May
"Gave serial number of my Audi TT stereo, paid the fee & received the correct code within the hour. Great service"
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 05 May
Dariu Ilinski
"In Audi Center Lithuania company requires 45 euros for code, here I payed 18 euros and my code was arrived in hour. Good service, best customer service, thanks ))) So don't worry, this company was not scam."
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 04 May
Audi RNS-D radiocode worked!
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 02 May
Liam Dowling
"Excellent service from OnlineRadioCodes. A lot cheaper than Audi and really quick and easy. I paid through PayPal and a few minutes later they emailed me my code. My only regret, I wish I'd done it sooner."
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 02 May
Russ Henley
"I needed the code for my Audi TT stereo after battery went flat.Found online radio codes on google.Filled the form in, which was very quick and simple, bit I noticed I was after the 3pm deadline (just) which was no problem.However I got an email back within a few minutes to inform me I had supplied the wrong stereo serial number, could I send a photo of it?I did this and was informed very quickly that the number I had supplied was not the serial number, Gavin told me where to find it but by the
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 01 May
Caleb Smith
Well worth the 20 bucks for a code instead of taking to audi for 250. I would recommend this company to anyone. Again thank you
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 30 April
Ahmet Fgar Bariaik
"Audi code successful, code run. But price is a little bit expensive,"
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 28 April
Adrian Robinson
After being quoted over 25 for the code for my audi b5 s4 I was looking at fitting a non oem item but last minute thought I'd give these a shot 2 hours after paying I received the code and it worked a treat really happy. My only suggestion is a confirmation email to say and explain what happens next. Thanks
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 26 April
The website was nice and easy to use. Audi wanted my car for a whole day and more money but within 15 minutes with radio codes I was up and running listening to music. Highly recommend.
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 26 April

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