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Audi Radio Codes

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Audi radio code

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How To Get My Audi Radio Code?

Step 1 - Removing Your Audi Radio

  1. Audi radios must be removed from the dash to gain access to the serial number.

  2. Radio release keys is all that is required to do this, when pressed into place this will free the radio unit.

  3. Once removed, every Audi stereo has a sticker-label with serial numbers printed on.

Audi Radio Removal With Keys

Step 2 - Which Is My Serial Number?

All Audi radio serial numbers are 14 digits & letters, for example AUZ1Z1F6412082. Please see image as reference.

Take note of the serial number & enter it into our easy to use form along with your email address.

Our helpful radio code specialist will send your decode to your email inbox within minutes.

Audi Radio Sticker Location

Serial Number For Audi Navigation Plus

The Audi Navigation system serial is displayed on-screen, the serial is not printed on the label on the back.

Take note of the "AUZ" serial and input the radios information to get your code today.

If the serial number is not showing at the bottom of the display, the radio has been changed from another Audi vehicle and is not compatible.

Audi Radio Serial Display
18,907 Reviews & Counting...
18,907 Reviews & Counting...
Manufacturer: Audi 4.96
Based on 596 reviews.
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Company Reviews:
"Super, that Audi workshop dont' fix. Can onlineradiocode fix +++++"
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 26 May
Syed Muhammad Ali
Professionals! Great service. I was looking for the radio code for my Audi TT from like past 1 week and the company over here in Qatar was making excuses and were asking me to bring my car to service center and leave it there and then they might get the code for me.with onlineradiocodes.co.uk i sent them my details and i received the code in like 20 mins and it worked perfectly!
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 26 May
Matthew Watts
One email 2 hours later I get a code then I'm rocking out I'm my Audi boom thanks guys.
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 25 May
Martin Mcnamara
Had my reservations about using an online service but took the plunge and paid my money the code arrived in seconds and it worked . Much cheaper than taking it to an audio Center which I have done in the past
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 24 May
Dariu Ilinski
"In Audi Center Lithuania company requires 45 euros for code, here I payed 18 euros and my code was arrived in hour. Good service, best customer service, thanks ))) So don't worry, this company was not scam."
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 23 May
Mark Bennett
I sent my Audi Nav/GPS off to a repair guy and forgot about the code. When I checked my Audi book the PIN code was missing and I only had the serial number.I applied for the code Friday evening and had a reply next day at lunchtime. This was longer than they promise but frankly I think the service is still quick enough.I could have gone to Audi and sorted it out for free but that would have been hassle and they might have asked to see the radio and that wasn't possible as it was being repaired
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 23 May
Ashdene Garage Ashdene Garage
very efficient service especially as Audi said we had to take the vehicle into them
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 22 May
Code arrived quickly and in a minute I had Audi Concert working again .. Thanks for prompt service..
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 22 May
Steve Knights
"Brilliant!!! Audi wanted me to rock up at the dealership armed with log book, photo ID and 25 cash for a radio code after I disconnected the battery and misplaced the code card. One quick message to ""onlineradiocodes"" and I had my code e-mailed to me in about an hour (and it worked perfectly), no drama, and a 10 saving on Audi's charge! Highly recommended!"
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 21 May
Liam Dowling
"Excellent service from OnlineRadioCodes. A lot cheaper than Audi and really quick and easy. I paid through PayPal and a few minutes later they emailed me my code. My only regret, I wish I'd done it sooner."
Country: Manufacturer: Audi
Posted: 21 May

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