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Audi Radio Codes

How To Find Your Serial Number

1. How Do I Find My Audi Chorus Radio Radio's Serial Number?

Audi Chorus Radio

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All Non-Navigation Audi radios must be removed from the dashboard in order to gain access to the serial number.

Radio release keys are all that is required to do this, when pressed into the corner placements, this will free the radio from the unit.

Once removed, your Audi radio has either a sticker label with the serial number printed on it or a serial number engraved into the casing.

Serial example: AUZ1Z1F6412082

1. How Do I Find My Audi Concert Radio Radio's Serial Number?

Audi Concert Radio

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Like the Chorus radio, Concert radios must be removed to find the serial number. Watch the video attached for a removal guide.

Serial example: AUZ2Z3C1420538

3. How Do I Find My Audi Symphony Radio Radio's Serial Number?

Audi Symphony Radio

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There are varied types of Audi Symphony radios. Standard models need to be removed to access the serial number on the label. The removal tools you need are shown in the video. You can see the engraved serial number on the side in the removal guide video.

Serial example: AUZ1Z4H7755256

3. How Do I Find My Audi Navigation Radio Radio's Serial Number?

Audi Navigation Radio

The Audi Navigation serial is displayed on-screen when the radio is on, as shown in the example image, the serial number will display across the bottom. The 6th character in the serial number will always be a number 7.

Take note of the "AUZ" serial and input the radios information to get your code today.

Serial example: AUZBZ7H7145296

3. How Do I Find My Audi Radio Label Examples Radio's Serial Number?

Audi Radio Label Examples

When you have removed the radio, you will find the serial number either engraved into the metal or on a sticker, as seen in the image. You'll find an "AUZ" serial number that is 14 characters long. Be careful with a capitalized 'I' and a number '1' when entering your serial number as this is a common error when purchasing and will lead to receiving an incorrect code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Audi radio out of SAFE mode?

Each Audi radio model has different techniques for removing safe mode.

For Audi Symphony models, press and hold TP/RDS (or AS/RDS if your model is different).

For Audi Concert models, it's FM and RDS buttons.

For Audi Delta models, it is the FM/DX buttons.

Can I generate my Audi radio code for free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to receive an Audi radio code for free online. We use In-house decoding tools and databases to decode your Audi radio.

Can I get a code from my Audi VIN number?

To unlock your radio you need the radio serial number which is on the radios label or engraved on the side of the unit once removed. VIN numbers are typically used for the identification of vehicles as a whole and not for unlocking your radio.

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Fantastic very quick service and worked well on my Mercedes audio 10 radio ,when even Mercedes Benz could not even supply the correct code ,well done guys another happy customer.

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The website was nice and easy to use. Audi wanted my car for a whole day and more money but within 15 minutes with radio codes I was up and running listening to music. Highly recommend.

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The telephone call was answered very quickly by a very polite and helpful lady. The call lasted only a few minutes and I had the code to unlock the radio with minimal fuss. The code worked immediately and we have music again as we travel. Thank you.

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Fast easy service, correct code worked straight away and a lot cheaper than Audi dealer £14.99 vs £38 no brainer :)

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What a great service- had a problem [which was my mistake!!!] but the very patient member of staff solved the problem without making me feel silly and hey presto my radio is back on.thanks

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Does exactly what it says on the tin.First rate service. Highly recommended.

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Fantastic service. Audi main dealer wanted twice the price, and could not fit me in till the following week. No hassle service provided and radio code worked no problems.With the added security of PayPal no problems of paying with credit card.Extremely happy customer thank you!!

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Never had the code for my radio and accidentally disconnected the radio just before exchanging my car tomorrow. Now a working radio and the security code.

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1st class

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I have used online radio codes a couple of times now, they provide a great service and I received the codes within a minute. Much better than wasting money and time going to a main dealer.

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