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How To Find Your Serial Number

1. How Do I Find My How To Get Your VW Serial Number Radio's Serial Number?

How To Get Your VW Serial Number

There are different types of VW radios but all of them need to be removed to find your serial number. The tools you will need; a screwdriver and or a prying tool for removing the outer trims of the radio.

Once you have removed the radio, find your VW serial number by looking for a code starting with "VWZ" an example of this would be "VWZ1Z2H1234567" and ensuring your VW serial is correct is essential in retrieving the correct code for your radio.

Make sure you can tell the difference between a capitalized 'I' and a '1', as this can lead to getting an incorrect code.

1. How Do I Find My VW RCD 210 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RCD 210

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To get your Volkswagen RCD 210 radio code, we'll first need the serial number, you will need a prying tool for removing the outer trims of the plastic around the radio.

Once you have the plastic off, the radio should slide out quite easily. You won't need to remove the wires at the back as you only need to obtain the serial number from the sticker or metal engraving.

Example serial: VWZ5Z1L0496236

3. How Do I Find My VW RCD 300 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RCD 300

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The RCD 300 radio will also need to be removed from the dash to obtain the serial number on the back. If you have vents above the radio, they will need to be removed also to get to the screws underneath. A video guide for removal assistance is attached.

Example serial: VWZ2ZF1394291

3. How Do I Find My VW RCD 310 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RCD 310

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As it is with the RCD300 model, removing the radio for the RCD 310 is necessary for access to the VWZ serial number. It's the same process, using a prying tool to remove the outer trim and then unscrewing the 4 screws. Watch this video guide for assistance in doing so.

Example serial: VWZ4Z2L1123682

3. How Do I Find My VW RCD 510 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RCD 510

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All RCD radios, including the 510 models must be removed to get the serial number. This radio has 2 screws on top of the radio which uncover the trim for the vents. Unscrew all of these screws, and take the vents out, this should uncover the screws for the radio. Once the screws are off, pull the radio forward and you should see the VWZ serial on the sticker or engraved in the metal.

Example serial: VWZ1Z3L6692640

3. How Do I Find My VW RNS 310 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RNS 310

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Surrounding the actual radio is the plastic trim, using a prying tool, take the plastic trim off and it should uncover the screws holding the radio in place. Unscrew the radios screws and slide it out, you will find your radios VWZ serial number located on there.

Get your VW RNS-310 code here.

3. How Do I Find My VW RNS 510 Radio's Serial Number?

VW RNS 510

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Like the RCD models, the Navigation units will require a prying tool and a screwdriver, you don't need release keys to remove the radio.

When you pry the panels from the dash, release the screws using the screwdriver and the radio will be freed to pull out, you don't need to unplug any wires as it is just the VWZ serial number on the label you will need. The 6th character of your VWZ serial number should always be a number 7.

Serial example: VWZ1Z7G5690145

Get your VW RNS-510 code here.

3. How Do I Find My VW Beta Model Radio's Serial Number?

VW Beta Model

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If you have a VW Beta radio, this older model will need removing in order to attain the serial number located on the label at the back of the radio. You can do this with removal keys, relatively inexpensive tools you can order from Amazon or at a local UK Halfords store. On either side of the arrows are keyholes meant for the removal tools. Once the keys are in place, the radio should slide right out. If you need any extra help, there is a removal video attached also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my VW radio code?

At OnlineRadioCodes, we have made it as easy as possible to get your radio code online in minutes, simply fill in your car's serial number and we send the code.

Why do I need a radio code?

A radio code is a security feature radios are programmed with, their function is to prevent theft by rendering a stolen radio useless when disconnected from the battery. The reason you might need this code is that the feature also takes effect when the battery dies. We get the radio codes from a secure database that flags any reported stolen radios.

Can I get a code from my VW VIN number?

The serial number for the radio is what is needed to decode any radio, VIN numbers are typically for the identification of vehicles as a whole.

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