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VW Radio RNS 510 Codes

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Volkswagen navigation codes are available 24/7. We unlock all VW radios online & guarantee our decodes work, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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How To Get My VW Nav Radio Code

First you need to remove the radio from the dashboard.

To do this requires a screwdriver. The serial is located on the radios label on the casing of the stereo.

Some VW's serials are compressed into the radios metal casing on the back.

If you are struggling, online guides and video tutorials on You Tube will help with the removal of the radio.

VW 510 Radio Removal
VW RNS-510 Radio Sticker Location
  • Upon removing the radio, the serial number is printed on the sticker-label.
  • The example images serial number is "VWZ1Z7G7404503".
  • If the label is damaged or unclear, above the label a serial number is compressed into the metal casing.
  • All Volkswagen serial numbers begin "VWZ" and is a total of 14 numbers and letters.

How To Enter VW Navigation Codes

Volkswagen RNS 510

  • Turn on your VW sat navigation radio, on the display will be four dashes.
  • Using the right turnwheel, highlight your first number of the code & click the turnwheel.
  • This will move to the next following number, repeat until the complete code is visible.
  • When all 4 numbers are onscreen, the "OK" button will auto highlight, click once more to confirm the decode.
Volkswagen RNS 510 Radio Entry
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