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SEAT Radio Codes

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£24.99 Inc VAT
SEAT radio codes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide radio codes for SEAT cars. We guarantee our radio decodes work, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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How To Get My SEAT Radio Code

1. Removing SEAT Radio

It is easy to remove a SEAT radio. You will need a flat-head screwdriver & a prying tool for removing the panels surrounding the radio.

Some radio models require release keys to remove your radio from the head unit.

Press the keys into place, with little pressure this will free the unit to be taken out.

SEAT Radio

2. SEAT Serial Number

SEAT serials are a combination of 14 digits & letters, for example SEZ1Z3F6412082. Please see image for reference.

All SEAT serial numbers begin SEZ followed by unique numbers thereafter, ensure all the information is correct.

SEAT Radio Sticker Location

Other Popular SEAT Radio Codes

  • Alana
  • Altea
  • Aura
  • Ibiza
  • Leon
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20,760 Reviews & Counting...
20,760 Reviews & Counting...
Manufacturer: Seat 4.96
Based on 512 reviews.
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Company Reviews:
"Don't use this company if your device is a newer VAG (Volks, Audi, Skoda or Seat) unit that is locked in 'Component Protection'. Component protection is the newer VAG anti theft measure, post 2014 I believe. Codes are not needed if the head unit is disconnected from the battery, provided it is reinstalled into the same vehicle. However, the unit will lock out if it is moved from one vehicle to another and this requires a visit to the dealer to resolve. I eventually received a refund but it too
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 27 September
"I am an Auto Dealer in Seattle. I used to be able to call one of the local Audi dealers, provide the vin, the radio serial number and proof of ownership and they would provide the code over the phone for free. Now, all 3 dealers in the area insist that the vehicle has to scheduled in for a 90 minute ""Express Appointment"" at which time they will scan the vehicle and provide the code. So 2 and 1/2 hours or so, counting the round trip, a paid 90 minute appointment OR....pay these guys $19.00 USD
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 27 September
Volkov Aleksey
Great service! Get code for SEAT Ibiza.
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 26 September
seat radio alana cd: fast reply. Working perfect. thank you.excellent service. just recommend.
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 26 September
"I had a battery die in my Seat and my stereo stopped working and requested a code.I didn't have the code because the stereo had been replaced under warranty and Seat didn't think to give me a new code. I phoned Seat and they wanted me to pay 35 minimum fee. I thought i'd try getting the code online. I told onlineradiocodes my stereo serial number and email address, paid via paypal then within 24 hours I received my working code. Very happy."
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 25 September
Ade Bottomer
Very good worked first time seat Leon
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 24 September
Volkov Aleksey
Great service! Get code for SEAT Ibiza.
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 22 September
Miss Amy Heap
I ordered the code at night and it came by the next morning. Worked great and alot cheaper than the seat garage! Many thanks
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 22 September
Ian Robson
"very quick and helpful service with no dramas. Gavin Wilson in particular.Unlike the Seat radio owners handbook, as there was no instructions it took me longer to figure out how to enter the code, than to obtain it."
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 21 September
Aaron Mcdaid
Couldnt be happier with the service i got. Not only was it a good price but it was the only place where i could get the code for my seat radio
Country: Manufacturer: Seat
Posted: 19 September

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