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Radio Codes For Ford Mondeo Cars

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Radio Codes for your Ford Mondeo are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide V & M series radio codes for Ford Mondeo cars, displayed instantly after purchase. We guarantee our radio decodes work, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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How to Find Your Ford Mondeo Stereo Serial Number

Method 1

Showing your Ford Mondeo radio serial code on the radios display.

Holding Preset Buttons 1 & 6

Turn on your radio and hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 for 2 to 3 seconds, the code cycle will begin, wait until your serial shows and make note. It will look like the image below .

Ford V Serial Display
Holding Preset Buttons 2 & 6

If buttons 1 & 6 do not work, try holding button presets 2 & 6. The radio serial will display on screen.

Ford V Serial Display
Ford Mondeo 6000CD Radio

To obtain your Ford Mondeo radio serial, hold buttons 1 & 6 together to start a code cycle. The 'V'/'M' serial will display towards the end of the cycle. For example V197905

If you do not see the serial try holding buttons 2 & 6 and look out for a serial starting with the letter 'M'. If neither of these work please refer to method 2 below. For example M197905

Ford Radio Code 6000CD Serial Display
Ford Radio Code 6000CD Serial Display

Method 2

How to Find Your Ford Mondeo Radio Code Serial Number on the Label.

Step 1 - How To Take Out Your Ford Mondeo Radio

It is quite simple to remove your Ford radio. You will need a set of radio release keys (PC5-132). These are inexpensive and are around £3 - £5, you can obtain them from Amazon.

Once you have the radio release keys, push them into the 4 holes in each corner of the radio (See image), apply a little pressure and the radio will release from the dashboard. The radios label will be located on the radio's casing.

Ford Radio 6000CD Release Keys
Step 2 - How To Find Your Ford Mondeo Radio Serial.

The Ford radio serial starts with V/M/BP/C7 for example V123456. The TravelPilot models are a longer serial number. An example of this would be C73F0961 C 0536857. If your radio is a TravelPilot, please see our Ford TravelPilot page. Please see images below for reference.

15,617 Reviews & Counting...
15,617 Reviews & Counting...
Manufacturer: Ford 4.94
Based on 1347 reviews.
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Company Reviews:
"I followed there simple instructions, and it worked. Couldn't ask for better, and a great price. Highly recommended. The Ford dealer wanted 20 for the code, and i would of had to book my car in."
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 18 October
Jeremy Flutter
"Was a little apprehensive as the procedure seemed too easy. It really was, and in three minutes the radio in my old Ford Fiesta was up and running, so thank you!"
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 17 October
Paul Simpson
"Wow, I am useless at technology/internet, etc, but I found your website simple to use, and the code has worked a treat.I can now cancel my time wasting appointment, with the Ford garage, and save 10 too.Well done and thank you."
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 17 October
Duane Cartwright
after spending hours trawling the net trying to find free radio codes for my ford focus i decided to buy my radio unlock code from here. a few seconds later i had my code and my stereo was working again
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 17 October
Ford radio code recieved in minutes .. Highly Recommend Company
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 16 October
James Kyle
Having had my car for almost 6 years I coul not lay hands on the radio system book that came with the car. New battery fitted and no code for radio.Step forward Online RadioCodes who sent me the code within 10 minutes and now have radio back.many thanks.A lot less hassle than contacting Ford dealer and cost a lot less too.
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 16 October
Lauren Lynn
"Got a new battery and never had the radio code. Phoned my Ford garage as I also didn't have the serial number, they wanted 25 plus VAT to remove it! Managed to find the keys and remove it myself, looked online for free codes but my laptop flagged each site as dangerous so decided to pay 7.99 for the code - best decision I made. Ordered it, paid via PayPal and the code was through 20 minutes later. Don't bother with the dodgy sites as they are not worth the hassle."
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 14 October
David-and Jane London
"Our car is old and secondhand, and so after a few months needed a new clutch. Unfortunately this meant the garage disconnecting the battery, and annoyingly the people we bought it fro didn't leave the radio code. Thanks to the helpful guide on this site, bought the correct tool from Halfords to find the barcode on the back of the radio, and from that was able to buy the code from this site - money well spent as the code came quickly and it worked first time. I have written it down for future re
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 13 October
"Very helpful website. Lots of information and an almost instant result. Thank you very much. My son, whose car it is, was amazed that it had been sorted so quickly."
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 12 October
Paul Hatton
Received the code extremely fast. Very safe and secure service. Safes all the ago of going to ford to get a code that was never given when bought the car. Thank you would recommend this company to everyone
Country: Manufacturer: Ford
Posted: 12 October

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How to Enter Radio Code for Ford Mondeo

  • When the radio is turned on 'CODE' should display on the radios display.
    • Repeatedly press button 1 until the correct first digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 2 until the correct second digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 3 until the correct third digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 4 until the correct fourth digit of the code is displayed.
  • To Input Your Ford Mondeo Radio Code, simply press button 5 or Enter and your radio will start to play.
  • If LOCK10 appears after entering 10 incorrect codes, press and hold the number 6 button while turning on the radio to change from LOCK10 back to CODE. You then have 3 further attempts at the code before LOCK13 appears.
  • If LOCK13 appears then you will need to take the radio to a Ford Dealer or radio specialist to be unlocked.

* Free Ford Mondeo Radio Code Entry instructions will also be sent after purchase.

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Ford mondeo radio codes

First and foremost we value customer service, it is one of our core values and why we are one of the very few companies to offer a money back guarantee. We go above and beyond to give our customers the fastest and most knowledgeable service, rest assured your in safe hands.

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Rest assured Online Radio Codes™ is the U.K's No.1 Radio Decoding Company. We was established off the back of many customers not being happy to pay the prices of local garages and dealerships to unlock their car radio.

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Most of Our Ford mondeo radio codes are instantly available, and display on screen after purchase. You can also call our radio experts on 01942 604333 to obtain your radio decode instantly over the phone via credit or debit card.

Lifetime Free Ford Mondeo Radio Code Retrieval

We also offer a free Ford mondeo radio code lifetime code retrieval service, so if you ever misplace or lose your stereo code you don't need to worry! The code we provide is the original code for the radio supplied when the vehicle was first manufactured.

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