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Ford Focus Radio Codes

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Ford Focus Radio Codes

Radios 2004 or newer

If your Ford radio is 2004 or newer, pressing and holding buttons 1 & 6 should display your V serial number. Example: “V123456”

Radios older than 2004

If your Ford radio is older than 2004, pressing and holding buttons 2 & 6 should display your M serial number.  Example: “M123456”

How To Find Your Serial Number

1. How Do I Find My Ford Focus 6000CD Model Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus 6000CD Model

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2004 - 2012

Hold buttons 1 & 6 together to start a code cycle. The 'V'/'M' serial will display towards the end. For example V197905.

If the serial did not show, try holding buttons 2 & 6 and look for a serial starting with the letter 'M' (For example M197905). If neither of these works please refer to method 2 below.

1. How Do I Find My Ford Focus Sony MP3 Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus Sony MP3

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2007 - 2012

Hold down preset buttons 1 & 6 for 2-3 seconds, the display will go through various panes of information, the number in the sequence will begin "SN" or "SOCD" then the V016608 (example) serial number should follow this.

3. How Do I Find My Ford Focus 4500 RDS Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus 4500 RDS

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2002 - 2005

In order for us to calculate your Ford 4500 RDS radio code, the M serial number will be required, which will be formatted as M123456.

You can get this information on your radio's screen when it has been turned on and 'CODE' has been displayed. You will need to hold the preset buttons 2 and 6 for a few seconds to set the radio to show the M serial number.

3. How Do I Find My Ford Focus Travelpilot EX, FX, NX Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus Travelpilot EX, FX, NX

EX 2004-07, FX 2008-11, NX 2012-15

The Travelpilot radio must be removed to get access to the serial number on the label, for example, "BP", "C7".

This requires radio release keys that press into each corner of the radio.

For more information follow the link below.

3. How Do I Find My Ford Focus Radio Label Examples Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus Radio Label Examples

Serials begin V/M/BP/C7 for example V123456. The TravelPilot model is slightly different. An example of this would be C73F0961 C 0536857. please see our Ford TravelPilot page for more information. See these images for reference.

3. How Do I Find My Ford Focus 6006E Radio Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Focus 6006E Radio


In order to obtain your Ford 6006E radio code, you must remove the radio to get to the serial number on the label. The serial number will be a V or M serial number. The removal keys you need to remove the radio are here.

Serial Not Showing On-Screen?

Serial Not Showing On-Screen?

It is quite simple to remove your Ford radio. You will need a set of radio release keys (PC5-132). These are inexpensive and are around £3 - £5, you can obtain them from Amazon.

Once you have the radio release keys, push them into the 4 holes in each corner of the radio (See image), apply a little pressure and the radio will release from the dashboard. The radios label will be located on the radio's casing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Radio Code?

Getting a Ford radio code online has never been easier, all that we need is the serial number of your radio, input the serial into our website and instantly get your radio code. An email will also be sent as confirmation.

How Do I Get Code 6000CD?

The 6000CD is the most popular Ford radio model, first you must obtain the serial number. visit our Ford 6000CD Page for full instructions.

My Serial Is Not Displaying On-Screen

If you have tried hold down pre-set buttons 1 & 6 or 2 & 6 and the serial number is still not displaying on the radios screen, the radio will need to be pulled forwards to get access to the label on the back where the serial will be printed.

My Serial Does Not Begin With M Or V

There are some exceptions to M or V, 881, BP or C7 are also Ford serial numbers but can only be found on the radios label on the back. Mdj5dp or 5000 are NOT serial numbers for Ford radios, if this is the only information that shows on screen, the radio must be removed and the serial number will be printed on the back.

How Do I Take My Ford Radio Out?

Removing a Ford radio is very easy and does not require any specialist skills, radio release keys are designed to press into place which allows the radio to be taken out.

Radio Displaying LOCKED 10

If the radio is not allowing the code to be entered, disconnect the car battery for 1 hour, this will reset the radio and allow for 3 more final attempts of input.

Radio Displaying LOCKED 13

LOCKED 13, the incorrect code has been entered into the radio 13 times, radios displaying LOCKED13 cannot be decoded online and must go to a Ford dealership.

*Disclaimer: Please note that Online Radio Codes is a independant website and in no way authorised by, connected to or otherwise associated with 'Ford Motor Company Limited' all copyrights and trademarks are of the respected owner Ford, we do not sell or provide any products that are the same our similiar to Ford. We are car radio decoding specialist and all of our decodes are either obtain through databases which we own, or via in house radio decoding tools.

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