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How To Find Your Serial Number

1. How Do I Find My Ford 6000CD Model Radio's Serial Number?

Ford 6000CD Model

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To display your serial number on the radio's screen press and hold buttons 1 & 6 together. This will prompt the radio to go into its code cycle.

The V or M serial number will display towards the end of the cycle (for example V197905). Sometimes the serial is displayed across two screens, in this case, you will need to combine them to get the full serial number.

If the serial did not show, try holding buttons 2 & 6 together and look for a serial starting with the letter M (for example M197905).

If neither of these work you will need some radio release keys to remove the radio. Follow the instructions in our below section to obtain the serial.

1. How Do I Find My Ford 6000CD MK2 Model Radio's Serial Number?

Ford 6000CD MK2 Model

Start by holding down pre-set buttons 1 & 6 together. Mk2 Radios will cycle through various different panels of information on-screen.

Your serial will begin with “V” followed by six digits, for example, the serial number could be "V074652"

3. How Do I Find My Ford Sony MP3 Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Sony MP3

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Hold down preset buttons 1 & 6 for 2-3 seconds, the display will go through various panes of information, the number in the sequence will begin "SN" or "SOCD" then the V016608 (example) serial number should follow this.

3. How Do I Find My Ford Radio Label Examples Radio's Serial Number?

Ford Radio Label Examples

Serials begin V/M/BP/C7 for example V123456. The TravelPilot model is slightly different. An example of this would be C73F0961 C 0536857. please see our Ford TravelPilot page for more information. See these images for reference.

Serial Not Showing On-Screen?

Serial Not Showing On-Screen?

It is quite simple to remove your Ford radio. You will need a set of radio release keys (PC5-132). These are inexpensive and are around £3 - £5, you can obtain them from Amazon.

Once you have the radio release keys, push them into the 4 holes in each corner of the radio (See image), apply a little pressure and the radio will release from the dashboard. The radios label will be located on the radio's casing.

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