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Nissan Micra Radio Codes

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Nissan Micra Radio codes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide radio codes for Nissan cars. We guarantee our radio decodes work, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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How to Get My Nissan Micra Radio Code?

Nissan K12 Radio

Removing your Nissan radio is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. You will need a set of radio release keys. These inexpensive tools and are around £3 and are obtained from Amazon for next day delivery.

Once you have the radio release keys, press them into each corner of the radio, apply a pressure and the radio will release from the dashboard, it is as simple as that. The radio label is located on the radio's casing.

Nissan K12 Radio Serial Display

Nissan Connect Radio

  • When the radio is turned on 'Serial number', 'Device number' and 'Date'. should display on the radios display. (Please see image for reference).
  • If this screen does not show this information, enter 3 incorrect codes into the system and the pop-up will appear.
  • Please make note of all the information as you will need these to get your Nissan radio code online.
Nissan Connect Bosch serial retrieval from display

Nissan Clarion Radio

It is quite simple to remove your Nissan radio. You will need t a flat-head screwdriver for prying the panels off the dash to access the radio. Clarion radio removal keys are ideal for freeing the head unit from the mount.

Different car radio models require differently shaped removal keys.

For further help in removing your Nissan Clarion radio, please see this YouTube video

Nissan Clarion Radio Serial Display

Nissan Radio Label Examples

Once the radio has been removed you will need to locate the radios label, which is on the top or side of the radios casing.

How to Enter Radio Code for Nissan Micra

  • When the radio is turned on 'CODE IN' should display on the radios display.
    • Repeatedly press button 1 until the correct first digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 2 until the correct second digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 3 until the correct third digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 4 until the correct fourth digit of the code is displayed.
  • To input your Nissan Micra Radio Code you need to press and hold one of the following: 6, TA or the seek button for 10-15 seconds
  • Nissan Micra wait 1 hour is displaying? If this shows on screen, this is due to the incorrect code being input more than 3 times.
  • 3 try's is a 1 hour wait
  • 6 try's is a 12 hour wait
  • 9 try's is a 24 hour wait
  • If you enter your code 10 times, your radio will lock, forcing you to go to a dealer to get it unlocked.

*Free Nissan Micra Radio Code instructions are also sent after purchase

16,032 Reviews & Counting...
16,032 Reviews & Counting...
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Based on 523 reviews.
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"Excellent service! Nissan wanted me to drive to my nearest dealer, book my car in for a ""specialist"" to punch in a four digit code and charge me 30 for the privilege! Online Radio Codes sent me the four digit code within about 20 minutes, I punched the code in myself and all was sorted! Thank you very much for a first class service!"
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 15 November
Steve Shepherd
Received my code minutes after purchasing and it works perfectly on my Nissan Connect stereo.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 15 November
Ian At North Parade Car Sales
Outstanding service very quick response and very reasonably priced after getting no help from nissan dealer at all . All in all a great service would recommend it to amyone
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 14 November
David Owen
This was an amazing service. Nissan tried getting me to take the car to them to take out the radio. These guys told me what to do without taking the unit out and I had the code within around an hour. Thanks so much for the brilliant service.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 14 November
Ryan Hudson
Brilliant service. Nissan wanted to charge me 45 and have to book an appointment. These had it to me within 10 miniutes for under half the price. Superb
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 13 November
Mark Castle
Somewhat sceptical as to whether this would work but rather than driving to a dealer thought it was worth a try. A little expensive but code arrived about 20 minutes after payment and worked first time. Nissan Qashqai 2012.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 13 November
Following a recent battery change of my Nissan Note
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 13 November
Excellent couldn't get help from Nissan read reviews and give it a go best thing I ever did thanks
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 12 November
I am a small car dealer I called Nissan direct and they were unable to help I thought id give inlineradiocodes.co.uk a try as I really needed the code so I could sell the car. With in 10 min I had the code. Very happy with the service
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 11 November
Great online radio codes worked. Nissan main dealer