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Nissan Daewoo Radio Codes

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Nissan Daewoo Radio Code

decoding service for help please see the "how to" section below. We only supply genuine working Nissan radio unlock codes with over 200,000 customers served. Available: Today 8am to 7pm. Orders after are delivered next day.
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See the radios lock display for information required above.

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How To Get My Nissan Radio Code?

Step 1 - How to Show Your Daewoo Serial Numbers
  • Turn the ignition switch ON.
  • it will show 'Radio Code:'.
  • To get the information we need to decode your radio, you will need to enter an incorrect code in 3x times. For example, enter: 1-2-3-4.
Nissan Daewoo serial retrieval from display
Step 2 - What to do next
  • The 'Serial number', 'Part number' and 'Prod Date'. should display on the radios display. (Please see image for reference).
  • Please make note of this number, as you will need this number for the form on the next page.
Nissan Daewoo serial retrieval from display
Nissan Radio Label

The serial number off the label is 17 digits long and starts with DS or DW.

For example DW1BN1146905BH30D.

The part number off the label is 10 digits long 28185.

The date is displayed on the label 12.05.2011.

Please see highlighted image for reference.

nissan ds radio label

How To Enter Your Nissan Daewoo Radio Code

  • When the radio is turned on 'CODE IN' should display on the radios display.
    • Repeatedly press button 1 until the correct first digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 2 until the correct second digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 3 until the correct third digit of the code is displayed.
    • Repeatedly press button 4 until the correct fourth digit of the code is displayed.
  • To input your Nissan Daewoo Radio Code you need to press and hold 6 button for 10-15 seconds
  • 3 try's is a 1 hour wait
  • 6 try's is a 12 hour wait
  • 9 try's is a 24 hour wait
  • If you enter your code 10 times, your radio will lock, forcing you to go to a dealer to get it unlocked.

*Free Nissan Daewoo Radio Code instructions are also sent after purchase

17,655 Reviews & Counting...
17,655 Reviews & Counting...
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Company Reviews:
Jeremy Yardley
"I was encouraged to try this service because their e-bay ad included a photo of a similar serial numbered PN3001-P Nissan radio. But the code they first supplied didn't work. Their email reply to my complaint said they were a Nissan partner so the code should definitely work unless the radio had been recoded; I rechecked and found I had made a mistake with one of the digits of the serial number. they gave me a second code with no fuss that did work. An ""experts"" car forum had meanwhile to
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 20 February
Mr Boulton
it works! I must say i had my reservations on whether it would work or not but it worked and i got the code in about an hour. For a Nissan Qashqai 2011
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 19 February
Helen Cassidy
"Fabulous ! Was expecting my code in the hour but it does state the opening times so fair enough. I did have to send a photo in as it was a Nissan connect system but all good and I am back with phone , sat nav , clock and radio. Moral of the story don't lose your radio codes !! But so glad for this company they are here and helped me out !! Thanks top job Helen"
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 18 February
Very quick and efficient service. Got my code for Nissan Daewoo radio in 10 minutes. Would use again.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 18 February
"Nissan Juke, PIN locked Nav.Dealer needed to take radio out, have log book and passport and book in for workshop time. At least 25, this site sorted in about ten minutes with no aggro."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 17 February
The dealer I purchased the car from would not help me. And then the Nissan wanted my car for a day and 55.00.. this company is first class paid 18.99 and within 1 hour the code was here and the radio and sat nav is all working
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 17 February
Found my pin code for nissan qasqai
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 16 February
I was so surprised the code worked! Other websites could not find the code for my nissan micra radio. After a few attempts i kept being locked out
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 16 February
Fantastic service paid 17.99 for the code which was emailed within 5 mins .The Nissan main dealership quoted me 52.00 and I would have to book the vehicle in and wait.would I recommend this site .yes without question
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 15 February
Chris Priestley
"I waited 10 days, wasted an afternoon, and paid 45 to the Nissan garage to unlock my radio yesterday. I was told I had to wait an hour before entering the code, and when I got home the code didn't work. I used OnlineRadioCodes and it worked first time and cost less than half the price. I wish I'd come here first. Now to get my money back from Nissan..."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 14 February

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