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Nissan Clarion Radio Codes

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Nissan Clarion radio codes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide radio codes for Nissan Clarion cars. We guarantee our radio decodes work, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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How To Get My Nissan Clarion Radio Code?

Removing Your Nissan Clarion Radio

It is simple to remove your Nissan radio. You will need a flat-head screwdriver for prying the panels off the dash to Access the radio. Clarion radio removal keys are ideal for freeing the head unit from the mount.

Different car radio models require differently shaped removal keys.

For further help in removing your Nissan Clarion radio, please see this YouTube video

Nissan Clarion Radio Serial Display
Nissan Radio Label

Once the radio has been removed you will need to locate the radios label, which is on the top or side of the radios casing. The Nissan Clarion radio serial is a 14 digit serial, for example CL052950166113. We also need the model number, for example this looks something like PN-2424M Please see images below for reference.

Nissan Clarion Radio Code Label
Nissan Clarion PN-2424M
Nissan Clarion Radio Code Label
Nissan Clarion PN-3001P
Nissan Clarion Radio Code Label
Nissan Clarion PN-3000P
22,722 Reviews & Counting...
22,722 Reviews & Counting...
Manufacturer: Nissan 4.97
Based on 1000 reviews.
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Company Reviews:
"Ordered a code for my Nissan Qashqai after my battery went dead. Felt really lost without my satnav, reversing camera, blue tooth telephone calls and of course my music collection. Looked on the internet found online radio codes. Had some reservations but after reading all the reviews put my information and paid my 18.99 fee at around 5.30pm. Had my code first thing this morning. All my Nissan Connect features are working perfectly. Thank you. Would definitely recommend."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 17 April
Deborah Hulbert
"Excellent service, took 5minutes on a Sunday morning. Better service than Nissan. Highly recommend. Thank you."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 16 April
Dean Smith
I gave details to Nissan and they came back with a code that did not work. Gave details to a main dealer and they came back with a different code that also did not work. Then wanted to charge 114 to remove radio and then send away (10 days) and then charge even more. Gave same details to these guys one night and the following morning I had a code that worked. If you are having issues with your dealer then give these guys a try. It worked for us and I would highly recommend.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 15 April
"Excellent service! Nissan wanted me to drive to my nearest dealer, book my car in for a ""specialist"" to punch in a four digit code and charge me 30 for the privilege! Online Radio Codes sent me the four digit code within about 20 minutes, I punched the code in myself and all was sorted! Thank you very much for a first class service!"
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 11 April
Gary Waite
fantastic service cant understand why nissan wanted more than twice as much money and wanted car in their workshop. would definitely recommend online radio codes.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 10 April
Chris Hassall
Got a Nissan code within 10 minutes. Excellent service highly recommend.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 08 April
Karen Wilkins
"Great, fast service! Nissan wanted to book the car in for a day to remove the radio to get the code...so Online Radio Codes saved me a lot of time, money and hassle. Thank you! Would highly recommend."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 07 April
Fantastic service paid 17.99 for the code which was emailed within 5 mins .The Nissan main dealership quoted me 52.00 and I would have to book the vehicle in and wait.would I recommend this site .yes without question
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 07 April
These guys are brilliant. Took so long getting the Nissan Garage to be of any help decided to give them a try. They requested more information from us and when they got it we got the code within 5 minutes. Well worth the 18.99 rather than the ridiculous amount the Garage would have charged. Would defo use again if needed.
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 05 April
Jim Salter
"Received code quickly. Worked first time, far far cheaper than using Nissan Dealer."
Country: Manufacturer: Nissan
Posted: 01 April

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