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How To Find Your Serial Number

1. How Do I Find My Serial Number On The Screen Radio's Serial Number?

Serial Number On The Screen

Hold the preset buttons 1 & 6, whilst turning ON your radio.

The 8 digit serial number will appear on the display.

Some models display with 'U' followed by 4 digits, then 'L' followed by 4 numbers.

For example, the screen could show U1234 L5678. (this may be split into two screens).

Copy all the information from the display as this is needed to decode your stereo.

1. How Do I Find My 2003+ Navigation System Radio's Serial Number?

2003+ Navigation System

When the stereo is off press and hold the top halves of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC buttons, then push the PWR/VOL knob.

A 10 digit serial number will appear on the stereo's display.

This will begin with the letter 'U' followed by 4 numbers then 'L', also followed by 4 numbers.

Your display will show similar to U1234 L5678.

Or will indicate all 8 numbers at one time. Example: 12345678.

Please make note of this number, as you will need this for the form on the next page.

Sometimes you may be able to acquire your stereo's serial in the menu, the serial will display starting with having 3 letters before it for example GNB22003871.

3. How Do I Find My Stereo Label Example Radio's Serial Number?

Stereo Label Example

To find your Honda serial number, you will need to remove the stereo using stereo release keys.

Press the keys into place with pressure, then the unit will free from the dashboard.

Once the stereo is removed you will need to locate the label, this is on the top or side of the casing.

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Great site quick results

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I was reluctant to try this website as I thought it wasn't 100% safe/genuine so I decided to read other online reviews. The reviews all seemed positive and provided me with reassurance that it was a genuine site. It was either this website or taking it to the Honda dealer 4 miles away. I decided to try the website; I paid and within about 30 minutes I got my code and my radio immediately worked! Thank you - don't bother going anywhere else as this site is all you need to get your radio up and ru

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Very quick and 100% working highly recommended.

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Very quick and 100% working highly recommended.

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Got code as promised

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Excellent service! I got codes very quickly and they worked straight away. Honda dealer wanted 24 pounds plus all the hassle of getting there in person with the car plus photo ID and proof of ownership... Would recommend for sure. Easy and quick!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Bypass The Stereo Code?
Unfortunately, the stereo code cannot be bypassed without entering the correct code into the stereo. We have made getting your code as easy as possible.
How Do I Remove A Honda Stereo?
Due to the large range of stereo models and each being different, we have put videos of how to remove each stereo. Please see the "find serial" section.
How Do You Reset A Honda Stereo Code?
Honda stereo codes are set by the manufacturer when the stereo is first installed, this generated randomly and is the same for the full duration of the radios life.
Why Do I Need A Stereo Code?
A stereo code is anti-theft code, which has largely reduced the theft of stereos from cars. We get the stereo codes from a secure database which flags any reported stolen radios.
How To Get Stereo Code For Honda?
At OnlineRadioCodes, we have made it as easy as possible to get your stereo code online in minutes, simply fill in your cars serial number and we send the code.
How To Unlock Honda Stereo Without Code?
Unfortunately, Honda stereo codes can not be bypassed, the only way to unlock the unit is to input the correct original pre-set code.
My Stereo Is Displaying "ERR"?
If 'Err' shows on your stereos display after attempting to enter your stereo decode, simply turn off your stereo and start the process again. NOTE: If you enter a wrong code too many times, your stereo will lock, forcing you to go to a dealer to get it unlocked.

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