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How to Find a Car Radio Code.

Written By Grant Daly on

Finding Your Radio's Serial Number

Finding your radio' serial number may seem very confusing from the large series of number’s that can be displayed on the screen or on the label of your radio, but not to worry this is a little how to guide explaining how to obtain your radio code online.

First of all you will need to find out which type of radio you have and if you take the radio out of not. Also by doing a little research it will help you find out which serial number you require to be decoded, it is essential that the right serial is provided for us to decode your radio accurately. All we need is the the radio’s serial number and any date/pat numbers where applicable. It is very important to get the serial number/numbers correct as we use this to get your radio’s own unique decode generated, If the serial supplied is incorrect the decode given will also be incorrect and can lock your system for a short period of time, usually 30 minutes.

Methods to Obtain Your Radio's Serial Number

Model’s and manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda, Daewoo, and some Ford radio’s serial’s are displayed on the screen and there will be no need to remove the radio. If the radio’s display is unclear or blank, there will still be a label on the back or side of the radio's casing and will require you to tke the radio out which is also very easy to do with radio release keys.

Other manufacturers such as Audi, Renault, Some Ford radios, Chrysler and Blaupunkt will need radio release key’s to allow the radio to be pulled forwards and for you to gain access to the radio's label on the back or side of the radio, This is done with the help of radio release key’s these can be bought at a local car audio shop or Halford’s. These key’s are inexpensive and readily available for around £2-£4. It is a good idea to take a picture of this label once you have he radio out as the label this can be used to avoid having to do this again if the wrong serial is provided or a typo is made.

What To Do When You Have Radio's Serial Number?

Once you have your serial number’s your radio needs to be decoded with specialist decoding software from a car audio specialist, manufacturer or online via a online radio decoder. Most garage’s and dealership’s charge a high price to unlock your car’s radio and most require your vehicle.

Here at Online Radio Codes 99% of the codes are sent instantly with some taking longer to get but none of which will take longer than an hour to be obtained. We are the U.K’s No.1 Online Radio Decoding Company and thats for a very good reason the price and speed in which we thet the decode to you is typically minute’s after ordering to having your radio unlocked and working, leaving you free to go about your day with the radio on.

If you have any issue’s or need to contact us, we have Radio Decoding experts on hand to help guide you through the whole process from start to finish, Most customers leave with a happy and pleasantly experience surprised at “how easy that was”.

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