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How to Enter Your Ford Radio Code

Ford 6000CD Code Entry

  • Turn on the radio, 'CODE' will display on-screen.
    • Press button 1 till the correct first digit appears.
    • Repeated again with preset button 2, 3 and 4.
    • To confirm the code into the radio, press & hold 5 or Enter.
  • If LOCK10 appears, press and hold the number 6 button whilst turning on the radio

    *Free Ford Radio Code instructions are sent upon purchase.

    Ford Radio Code 6000CD Serial Display

    Ford 6000CD MK2 Code Entry

    • Entering the code into this model variant can be slightly different.
    • Type the code into the stereo using the preset buttons in the center of the unit.
    • once displayed on-screen, the confirmation button is "#" or pre-set button number "5".
    Ford MK2 6000CD Radio

    Ford Sony MP3 Radio

    • Turn the stereo on, the displayed will show CODE followed by "- - - -".
    • Using the preset buttons at the top of the screen, entering the radio code.
    • Upon entering the last digit of the code, the radio will come straight on.
    • If this does not happen, press & hold the central button for 3 seconds.
    Ford Sony MP3 radio

    Ford Travelpilot Radio

    • Enter the radio code using the same method as the Sony MP3 unit.
    • When the code is displayed on-screen, the confirmation button is different. Press and hold the "SELECT" button on the right turn-wheel.
    • If the radio does not play, check once more. If the radio still does not unlock contact us.
    Ford Travelpilot radio

    Ford 4500 RDS EON Radio

    • Follow the main instructions for the Ford 6000CD radio.
    • If button "5" does not unlock the unit. Use the preset button "TA" to confirm.
    Ford 4500 radio

    Ford 4000 RDS Radio

    • Follow 6000CD Entry instructions as this is the same for the 4000 RDS.
    • If the unit displays "LOCKED 13", this can not be unlocked online, therefore must go to a Ford Dealership.
    Ford 4000 RDS Radio