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How To Enter A Car Radio Code.

Written By Grant Daly on

Entering A Car Radio Code.

Entering the car radio code can cause some confusion among some people with different radios having different input methods, from newer models to the older radios systems.

How Enter Ford Radio Code.

Ford radios are the most common vehicles in the UK to enter the code on most of Ford vehicles using the entry example code 5678 is by:

  • Pressing the radios number “1” five times
  • Pressing the radios number “2” six times
  • Pressing the radios number “3” seven times
  • Pressing the radios number “4” eight times

The display screen will have the code displayed, always ensure the code matches the one that you want to enter, when confirmed. Press the radios number “5” this will enter the code displayed into the radio and will come on and be operational again straight away.

How Enter Renault Radio Code.

Another popular radio is Renault's some require the code to be input into the system using the buttons and pressing the code into the radio as given, a common reason as to why codes do not work is that on Renault systems the button to enter the code is “6” press this button down for 2 – 4 seconds it will enter the unlock ocd einto the radio.

Other Renault’s require the turn wheel to be used and rotated to move up and down through the numbers for each column, once the number is displayed on the screen pressing the button at the bottom will move to the next column. Once the full code is displayed press and hold the button at the bottom for between 2- 4 seconds. The radio will then unlock.

How Enter Nissan Radio Code.

Nissan System’s with a display screen are also common, They are among the most popular radio’s but the easiest to enter the code into with using the touch screen entering the code can’t be simpler but checking the code is displayed before pressing the “OK”.

How Enter Audi Concert Radio Code.

Once your radio is on and displays the word “SAFE” on your screen, Repeatedly press “FM2” and “RDS” until “1000” flashes on the display. Enter the code by using the same method as the Ford' above when the code is fully input press “FM 2 & RDS” buttons down for around 2 – 5 seconds till Safe is displayed once again after a short period the radio will automatically restart and be working.

*If your radio input method was not included in this article please use Online Radio Code™ and navigate to the relavant page of the website for you radio's input instructions.

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