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Does My Radio Pin Code Change?

Written By Grant Daly on

Does My Radio PIN Code Change?

Radio pin codes do not change for any car radio these codes are given to each radio all being different for each one, they are all static codes and are the same for the entirety of the radio’s life span.

To find out which is the correct code these are not randomly generated, the serial number is essential as this identifies which radio has which decode the serial number will be on the radio label on the casing of the unit or some are found on the screen, an example the Nissan Connect systems have a serial number, Device number and the date that are all displayed on the screen after 3 wrong radio code entry attempts, all of these numbers are needed to get the correct radio pin code.

Making sure these series of numbers and letters are correct is very important as if one digit is incorrect the decode provided by us will not be the correct one for that particular radio.

Why Would Original Radio Code's Be Wrong?

There are typically two main reasons for a radio code not working, The first of which is the car has been manually re-coded in the past by a local car audio specialist, this is done by a direct connection to the radio allowing the specialist to set the code manually using radio decoding tools.

When this is the case if the code is not written on the radio or you do not have the code card we cannot retrieve it through our tools or dealership connection service. The decode will now be a custom code and not the original OEM decode provided by the manufacturer. The only way to decode a radio where this is the case is to do it again manually the original code will never be correct unless it has be set to the same code again.

The second reason a radio code would not work occasionally is if the radio has been switched from one car to another especially in newer cars the radio is linked to the cars ECU and when it is connected to a new vehicle the link between the two is broken.

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