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Can I Generate A Free Radio Code?

Written By Grant Daly on

Can I Use Radio Code Generators To Get Free Radio Codes?

Nissan Radio Code Generator Free

Be aware there free car radio codes websites claiming to unlock car radios using free radio code generators or downloadable software to get a radio code free.

Many of these are phishing websites, out to obtain your personal information. car radio codes are not freely available, they require specialist equipment such as radio decoding tools and a expert to obtain the original radio code for your car.

Here at OnlineRadioCodes.co.uk you are in safe hands, we have decoded over 250,000 radio’s and have over 12,000 customer reviews not to mention we are the UK’s largest radio decoding company, get yours today!

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Certain checks of a websites integrity are a must!

First check if the website you are on is secure or at least the checkout/payment pages are, this is displayed with a “secure” in the top left of your screen / browser window or a green padlock. Failing that check if the website address starts with “https”, these are indications that the website you are on is secure.

Also an address on their contact page, phone number and company registration number displayed on the website goes a long way to verify the legitimacy of the business.

At Online Radio Codes™ we tick all these boxes and use a 256-Bit Encryption throughout the website, all details provided are completely secure rest assured your in safe hands.

Ford Radio Code Generator

Can I Generate Free Radio Code

All radio codes are unique and not generated by special software, they are static and do not change during the radio’s lifetime (unless manually re-coded). The original code is assigned to radios when manufactured.

Example: To generate a Ford radio code you first need the serial number for example “M123456” (Visit our Ford page to find your serial) the only code that would work for this radio is “2487".

The decodes we provide will always be the original for your system.

In some very rare circumstances codes do not work, this is due to being manually re-coded in the past. This is done by connecting a computer directly to car and overriding the system, doing this without the specialist knowledge will lock your radio system. Having your car manually coded is also expensive averaging over £60.

Fiat Radio Code Generator

How to Reset Your Car Radio Without Code?

Each manufacturer has a different model of radio installed, 90% of serial numbers can be obtained from the label, this will require taking the radio unit out and looking at the label on the back.

To do this you will require radio release keys, when pressed into the radio will free the radio to be taken out. The serial number on most radios is easily identified by text, others do not have this so we have attached some examples of radio labels highlighting the serial number.

How to get radio code online?

Unlocking your radio online has never been easier, all we need is your serial number and we use this information to retrieve the code for your radio. 90% of the codes are instantly displayed after ordering.

You will receive an order confirmation and also your radio code by email (this includes instant radio codes), if you ever lose your radio code that you have purchased from us, we offer free lifetime radio code retrieval service.

How do I enter the code on my car radio?

There two main input methods for entering a radio code, the method will cover Fords, Renaults, Jeeps, Audi's and Volkswagens.

You do not enter the code by just typing in the code in using the buttons. First start with preset button "1" pressing this multiple times will change the number which is displayed in the first column, for example pressing button 1 four times will display a "4" in the first column. This is the same for preset buttons 2, 3 and 4.

This example will cover entering the code "8319" into a radio using this method:

  • Starting with button "1" press eight times, this will display "8" in the first column.
  • Next Pressing button "2" three times will display a "3" in the second column.
  • Preset button "3" will only need to be pressed once to get a "1" in the third column.
  • Finally button "4" press nine times for the final number of the radio code.

Now your radio code is fully displayed on your radios screen we need to press the confirmation button for the recognize the code.

The enter button is different for each model of radio here is list of the most popular manufacturers:

Ford - press and hold preset button number "5" for 2 - 3 seconds, other ford models it is the "#"

Renault - Press and hold button "6" the radio will give a confirmation bleep when the code has been accepted.

Jeep - Press the "CD" button.

Audi - press the FM 2 and RDS repeatedly again, holding down until SAFE is displayed.

Volkswagen - press and hold both "Scan & Mode"