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Can I Generate A Free Radio Code?

Written By Grant Daly on

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Can I Use Radio Code Generators To Get Free Radio Codes?

There are a lot of websites who claim they can unlock your radio & have a free radio code generator, this is just not the case. Other websites ask for unnecessary detail’s which can only be assumed as trying to obtain your personal details without any security.

At Online Radio Codes™ we tick all these boxes and use a 256-Bit Encryption throughout the website, all details provided are completely secure rest assured your in safe hands.

Certain checks of a websites integrity is a must, first check if the website you are on is secure or at least the checkout/payment pages are, they will usually display a "secure" top left of your screen / browser window or a green padlock failing that check if the website address starts with "https", these are good indicators that the website you are on is secure.

Having PayPal as a option is also valuable when purchasing from a company you have not purchased from before. A good way to check if the website is providing a good service is to have a look their reviews on respectable review companies such as Trust Pilot. Most genuine business’s have numerous reviews and checking this can prove very effective in knowing if you should use the website and brand.

Also a physical address on there contact page, phone number and company registration number displayed on the website goes a long way to verify the legitimacy of the business.

Can you Generate a Radio Code?

All radio codes are unique and not generated by some special software they are all static and do not change during the radio’s lifetime (unless manually recoded). The original code is given when the radio first manufactured.

For example: a Ford radio code generator can not change the code, if you serial number is "M123456" the only code that would work for this radio is the original which is "2487".

The code we provide will always be the correct radio code for your system, In some very rare circumstances that a decode does not work we have a 100% money back guarantee policy for your peace of mind. We also offer free lifetime radio code retrieval service so if you lose your code, we will re-send your radio code free.

How to Reset Your Car Radio Without Code

Radios can not be unlocked without inputting original radio code, There is 3 options when choosing to get your radio back up and running:

  • The most popular way is to use a site such as OnlineRadioCodes to use your radios serial number to unlock your radio in minutes online.

  • Buying an after market radio, thse usually cost around £50+ to buy and takes a few hours to fit, of course any fittings that may be required when installing a new radio.

  • Finally is to get your radio manually re-coded by a car audio specialist, this is the least common due to the large cost that is involved in doing this, also taking your car to the garage for a day to be unlocked.

  • Our team are here to help you through the whole process of unlocking your radio online making it as easy as possible for you, we also have guides on our website for each manufacturers, which go through everything from removing your radio to identifying your radios serial number. Any questions that you have call us free on 01942 604 333 or just simply email us at [email protected]